The benefits of the Smart Heat Pump.


The brand new Daikin Altherma UP series offers a fully automated heat pump control service which allows customers to reduce their energy bills by lowering the temperature set-point of their HP based on occupancy detection using AI.

The smart sensor measures distortions in the current waveform of your power outlet. This enables the algorithm to detect occupancy in the household. If no occupancy is detected, the sensor communicates with the heat pump to lower the heating setpoint. In this way, the Daikin Altherma UP series can help you to reduce your energy bills.

The service has 3 modes of operation whereby the customer can choose the amount of energy they wish to save (explained in the section below).

Key benefits

The UP series makes the Daikin Altherma adaptive. But what does that mean?

  • Budget control functionality: the UP series automatically detects occupancy in the house, by observing the current waveforms. Trough these insights on the activity, the temperature setpoint can be auto-adapted - which will result in a reduction of the energy bills. 3 levels of savings are provided: standard, eco and super-eco. This allows to find the right balance between savings and comfort according to your own needs.
  • Solar PV-optimization: the UP series is continuously monitoring the solar yield. When an 'over-capacity' of solar PV yield is detected, the UP series offers the possibility to store this energy in the domestic hot water cylinder or in the preheating of the house. In this way you can optimally profit from the sun!
  • Energy insights: get a view on your total energy consumption and production. The sensor measures your total energy consumption and disaggregates which appliances are being used. The app will show the energy consumption of your main appliances (e.g. dishwasher, oven/hob, washing machine, kettle,...) to give more insight in your energy bill.
  • Capacity control (coming up): the UP series will monitor the peak load and control the Daikin Altherma heat pump in such a way that this peak load can be restricted. Such a function will enable an improved grid management and furthermore bring savings to the user.

More info about the budget control function

  • The AI based solution will automatically reduce the level of heat pump energy consumption based on multiple parameters including occupancy level, scheduled set-points and desired comfort level of the user.
  • The maximum deviation on the user's preferred set-point temperature varies depending on the selected “mode”. Currently, the service uses the following pre-sets:
  1. Standard mode: +/- 1 °C variation from user scheduled set point
  2. Eco mode: +/- 2°C variation from user scheduled set point
  3. Super Eco mode: +/- 3 °C variation from user scheduled set point
  • The automated budget control service can be “overridden” by the user at any time.
  • The solution will generate a daily forecast of the expected end-of-month energy consumption.