To make sure that the end-user will be able to enjoy the benefits of the UP package, make sure to check the following requirements
Single phase installation
RT control mode, Madoka controller
Battery for energy storage

Step 1

Onboarding the Daikin Altherma 3 to Onecta (WLAN)

Put the WLAN adapter/cartridge in Access Point mode

Through the button on the module (adapter only).
Or, through a soft button in the MMl user interface:
  • Turn the left dial until the "Wireless gateway (Wireless gateway)" menu item is highlighted on the screen and press the dial.
  • Turn the left dial until "Mode" is highlighted and press the dial.
  • Turn the left dial until "Yes" is highlighted and press the dial. You'll be redirected to the "Wireless gateway " menu and the access point mode (AP mode) will now be enabled for 1 minute.
  • Open the app and press the card "Let's add your first unit!".
  • The app will automatically detect the WLAN adaptor and connect to it.
  • The WiFi network(s) in the home are displayed. Select a WiFi network and fill in the password.
The adaptor will connect to the home network and automatically leave AP mode.


  • Access Point mode is automatically switched off after 1 minute if no connection is made
  • Before you start, make sure that phone and unit are connected to the same network.
  • Upgrade if possible, the Altherma controller firmware (RC or MMI) to the latest firmware version


Installer Reference Guide

Need support?

Please take up contact with the technical helpdesk of Daikin UK.

Step 2

Install the Informetis smart sensor and connect it to the home network

Please have a look at the instruction video and download the ‘Safety and installation manual’ for further instructions.


  • In case the fuse box is made of metal, the sensor needs to be put in a separate cabinet made of plastic.
  • In case that a PV installation is included, please make sure that the solar clamp is connected to CT3 (see wiring diagram).
  • In case that a PV installation is included, please make sure to install on a sunny day.


Can I install the sensor in case I’ve got a 3-phase power supply?

Unfortunately this is not yet possible. Only 1-phase power supply is supported at the moment. In case there are three phases, the consumption will not be measured accurately.

I’ve got an electric battery for energy storage at home. How to wire the sensor?

At the moment electric batteries are not yet supported.

I do not have sufficient space in the fuse box to install the sensor. What to do?

If you do not have sufficient space, you can install the smart sensor in a separate box. For more information, see the safety installation manual:


The cable length for the current transformers are too short. Can I extend the cables?

Please do not extend the cables! This would lead to wrong measurement.

Step 3

Register the Daikin Altherma heat pump on StandByMe by using the Daikin e-care app.

  • First you’ll have to register the Daikin Altherma heat pump on StandByMe using the Daikin e-care app (make sure to update to the latest e-care version available.  Only V4.1 or higher is compatible). If you have registered the unit already before, you can skip to Step 4 directly.
  • Click on ‘My Installations’ on the home screen. Then click on the ‘+’ button to add a new installation.
  • From there on you can add a totally new installation or you can start from a lead (made with Heating Solutions Navigator). Thanks to a smart QR code scanner, you can quickly link each unit (indoor, outdoor, LAN-adapter, tank) to e-care, with the right product name and serial number. If the unit has no QR code, all data can of course be entered manually.
  • Thanks to GPS tracking, the app will automatically determine the location of the installation (if of course location is enabled on the phone).
  • After this, you will have to complete the commissioning of the installation to check if everything has been installed properly. This can be done by scanning a commissioning document or by going through the commissioning flow in the e-care app (not yet available for all products).
  • When the commissioning has been finished, you can enter the email address of the end-user - provided that (s)he has given allowance for this. 
  • Finally you can indicate if you want to offer service on this unit or not.


How can I check if the Daikin Altherma heat pump is already registered on StandByMe?

‍You will be required to enter the product range and serial number throughout the registration procedure.  You will receive a notice saying "The installation is already registered" if the product has already been registered.  Since the combination is unique, the installation will be marked as "invalid" if it has already been registered or if the serial number is entered incorrectly. 

I haven’t got a StandByMe account. How do I proceed?

You must create an account on the Professional Platform.  Select "Installer" in the top right corner of the page at to be taken to the professional page. Here, you can select the Register button.  After that, a Daikin representative will follow up on your registration.

This is an older Daikin Altherma (>1 year in operation). How can I register the product on StandByMe?

All Daikin Altherma units are eligible for Stand By Me registration. The age of the unit is unrestricted. However, to comply with the warranty, restrictions may apply.

I get a warning that 'reverse current' is detected on the PV sensor line in the e-care app. What to do?

Please install the sensor during a moment when there's enough sunshine. To correctly register the PV sensor, the current needs to be in the right direction.

Step 4

Register the Informetis smart sensor on StandByMe using the Daikin e-care app

Always make sure to update to the latest e-care version available. Only V4.1 or higher is compatible.

After completing the previous step, you will see the screen above asking to activate the HEM (Home Energy Management) sensor. In case of an already registered installation, click on the installation, scroll down to 'Energy' (just below 'Tools') and click on 'Activate HEM sensor'.

Fill in the connection type of the electrical installation (at the moment, only single phase is supported) and indicate which appliances are within the property (heat pump and/or PV). To finalize, you will need to fill in the MAC address of the customer. If everything was set up correctly, you'll see a green dash next to each activated channel of the sensor. Here you can also consult the signal strength.

If the polarity of the clamps is wrong, this will also be indicated here.

Further instructions

Informetis support on the sensor registration
e-Care registration video manual